Save Haiti Project is an assignment by a group of University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology (UOIT Oshawa, ON) student’s seeking to raise awareness of the catastrophic earthquake that hit the nation of Haiti and Chile recently and the impact it has had on the lives that reside in these nations.

The quake in Haiti has led to the death of hundred’s of thousand’s of Haitian citizens and even more displaced from their homes. Prior to these heartbreaking events, Haiti was already a poor nation experiencing wide spread hunger and disease. This disaster has turned what was already a dire situation into a catastrophe. The same is true for the nation of Chile which although has managed to avoid a distastor on the scale of Haiti dispite the more powerful quake, the’re are estimates that over 1 million Chilean’s were displaced from thier homes as a result and thousands killed. These people need the help of those of us fortunate enough to be living normal lives.

Support Haiti and Chile Earthquake victims by visiting the red cross website and donating to make a difference.


Haiti Victims

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